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Transporting your Pet Dog or Cat to Australia

Transporting your Pet Dog or Cat to Australia can be a timely process. It’s always best to use a Pet Transportation Expert when considering shipping your pet dog or cat to Australia. Every place your travel around the world has different rules regarding pet travel. For some destinations you have to plan months in advance. Please visit for more info on shipping your pet dog or cat to Australia.


More about Pet Travel to Australia and New Zealand


Unlike most rabies free countries, Australia has not provided for pets to enter the country without a minimum of 30 days quarantine except for dogs, cats or pets traveling from the following countries: New Zealand, Norfolk Island or Coco Island who will be admitted to Australia with no quarantine. The rules and regulations for pet travel to Australia and New Zealand are complex and we recommend that you enlist the services of a licensed pet transport agent to assist you in making the arrangements to take your pet into Australia. From most counties, it is a very long flight and you should consider the health and well being of your pet including asking the advice of your veterinarian….. more info at and at