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Pet Shipping and Pet Transportation for London, England, UK, Europe, Japan and more.

For those of you planning on shipping your pet dog or cat overseas, it’s always best to use a Pet Shipping Specialist. There are so many requirements from not only the airlines, but each specific country has unique rules and regulations. If you are planning on shipping a pet to London, England via Heathrow Airport please visit for more info. If you are planning on shipping your dog to Okinawa, Japan and are in the military, or Shipping a pet to South Africa please visit  or at


Deceased Dog and Cat Pickup for the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas

If you are in need of having your deceased pet dog or cat picked up and live in the Los Angeles area, please feel free to call us at 310-575-1985 or visit for more info. We are here for you!

Pet transportation services by air and by ground

Pet transportation services by air and by ground

When shipping or transporting your pet dog or cat to another state of another country, it’s important that you work with a pet transportation specialist. There are many rules and regulations the airlines require you to follow, so do your homework. If you are planning on shipping your pet overseas, knowing the requirements is crucial to insure a safe trip for all your pets. For more info please visit

More about Pet Travel to Australia and New Zealand


Unlike most rabies free countries, Australia has not provided for pets to enter the country without a minimum of 30 days quarantine except for dogs, cats or pets traveling from the following countries: New Zealand, Norfolk Island or Coco Island who will be admitted to Australia with no quarantine. The rules and regulations for pet travel to Australia and New Zealand are complex and we recommend that you enlist the services of a licensed pet transport agent to assist you in making the arrangements to take your pet into Australia. From most counties, it is a very long flight and you should consider the health and well being of your pet including asking the advice of your veterinarian….. more info at and at

How to Ship your Dog, Cat or Pet to and from Australia and New Zealand

For more info on How to Ship your Dog, Cat or Pet to and from Australia and New Zealand, please visit Pet Shipping Australia if you are considering shipping or transporting your Dog, Cat or Pet to or from Australia, New Zealand, Perth, Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney, Wellington or any other destinations in that part of the world. You will need to be very aware of many of the strict rules, policies and regulations related to air and land pet travel. There are many Pet Shipping Companies to choose from, so be wise when searching for the best one that fits your needs. Some specialize in Pet Travel to Australia and New Zealand and are very familiar with all the rules when shipping your pets to certain countries. Please visit Animal Transporters for more info on transporting your pet to Australia or New Zealand.

Transporting your Dog, Cat or Pet to and from Los Angeles, California

For those of you searching for Expert, Safe and Very Caring Pet Transportation to and from Los Angeles or Southern California please visit Pet Taxi Los Angeles. Transporting your Dog or Cat through Air Travel can be a very difficult process if you are not aware of all the current rules and regulations Airports and different Cities and Countries have in place to protect pets and people. If you are unsure of some of these rules please visit for more info.

Pet Transportation for San Deigo and Surrounding Areas

Pet Transport San Diego offers Expert, Safe and Caring Dog, Cat and Pet Transportation and Shipping Services for all of San Deigo and many surrounding areas. Please visit or for more info regarding the best in dog, cat and pet transportation for San Diego County.